bigSML offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities. 

Whether your product requires high volume insert molded injection molding or precision die-casting, conductive compression molded silicon or cut-n-sew, low-power bluetooth or a portable battery solution... we have you covered. 



bigSML offers a turn-key solution:

  • 3D CAD modeling & technical drawings
  • photo-realistic renderings & animations
  • Project Management
  • Prototyping and Mass Production Manufacturing

Production & Manufacturing

The team @ bigSML have spent many years in China and have developed manufacturing partners in a broad range of processes. 

We work with a diverse range of manufacturing processes including metal stamping, die casting, electronics, plastic injection molding, MIM, compression molding to name but a few.

Packaging & Shipping

Our partners on the ground have extensive experience with packaging (both retail and shipper) to ensure your product looks good on shelf and arrives without damage. 

We have an established freight forwarder and drop-shipping network you'll be able to utilize if needed.